Unique Trap Shooting Lessons for Beginners in Shotgun Sports

Trap Shooting for BeginnersIf you’re interested in trap shooting instruction that’s easy for beginners to pick up on, sign up for Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) classes. CSM is a unique teaching style that is unrestricted by the conventions of traditional methods and encourages students to learn the techniques that work best for them rather than conforming to a specific prescribed technique. CSM is simply effective and effectively simple, especially because it was developed from the ground up through careful research and thorough experimentation by highly experienced shooting sports instructor John Higgins.

When you take lessons in CSM from John or any of the instructors he’s certified in this groundbreaking teaching method, you’ll be able to enjoy learning the three core skill sets of trap shooting:

  • Technical skills – These are the skills involved in physically maneuvering your body to successfully hit targets, and they include the six fundamentals of shooting, as well as balance, stance, and control.
  • Tactical skills – These analytical skills will allow you to apply your technical skills in a way that will help you hone your competitive edge by quickly reading your targets and making tactical decisions on the fly.
  • Mental skills – While these are the most important skills, they often receive the least emphasis in sports, but through CSM, you’ll learn how to stay mobile, control your thoughts and feelings, and stay process focused while shooting in a practice or competition setting, even under pressure.

Additionally, if you are a leader of a school club, Scout unit, or other youth group or you have children of your own who are interested in learning to shoot, CSM is a fun and simple program for beginners of all ages. There are even special courses for youth taught by instructors certified in CLAYS, a CSM coaching program designed for teaching shotgun sports to young shooters.

For additional information about CSM trap shooting classes for beginners, contact John Higgins today.