Unique Sporting Clays Instruction Designed Around Fun, Achievable Results Available in Detroit, MI

Sporting Clays Instruction Detroit MISporting clays instruction in the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) has been proven time and again to help students of all ability levels learn new shotgun skills or improve existing ones, and students in the Detroit, Michigan, area can take advantage of lessons in this groundbreaking teaching style. CSM was created by John Higgins, whose 40 years of experience as a shooting sports instructor led him to carefully research and experiment ways to create a brand-new teaching style from the ground up. The result is a shotgun instruction method that revolves around adapting to the shooter’s individual needs and comfort levels rather than the traditional approach of teaching specific techniques.

If you live in Detroit, MI, you can experience the excitement of CSM sporting clays instruction yourself, enjoying a learning environment that:

  • Helps you learn the mental skills necessary for personal improvement, as well as physical shooting techniques
  • Facilitates fast learning through the discovery of which techniques work best for you
  • Is friendly and inclusive, encouraging fun and celebrating instant, achievable results
  • Allows you to learn naturally and systematically without being held back by outdated traditional norms

CSM can be taught in one-on-one sessions for a more personal instruction or in group settings where you can enjoy learning alongside other students like yourself. Many CSM instructors are trained to work with youth as well, so shooters of all ages can have fun learning to shoot safely and responsibly while having fun breaking clays.

To find out more about CSM sporting clays instruction available to residents of Detroit, MI, contact John Higgins today.