For an Exclusive, Custom Sporting Clays Course Design, Turn to John Higgins

Sporting Clays Course DesignSporting clays course design is about more than just a small clearing in the woods for trap and skeet shooting. Rather, it involves a series of shooting stations arranged over natural terrain – much like a golf course – to give a truer sense of shooting live game, with a wider range of target sizes and movement styles for greater unpredictability. If you are interested in adding a truly breathtaking sporting clays course to your facility, you can trust John Higgins, an internationally recognized shooting sports instructor and brilliant course designer, to take care of your design from start to finish.

John is a highly experienced shotgun sports instructor and course designer, and he will be happy to help you develop the perfect course for your patrons or personal use. John’s skills are trusted by a variety of exclusive clients, especially because he:

  • Has been designing sporting clays courses for over 30 years in different countries across the world
  • Ensures that each course is designed with environmental sensitivity in mind to preserve the natural beauty of the land
  • Takes everything into consideration, including road development, access, tree removal, and more
  • Ensures that each course is custom-crafted and kept confidential to his clients

As a professional course designer, John never considers any project to be impossible and knows how to evaluate every aspect of the terrain to craft a breathtaking and challenging course. And, because of his experience and connections in the industry, he knows how to work closely with architects, contractors, builders, and the other professionals he needs in order to get the job done right.

For more information about having a sporting clays course design formulated for your facility, contact John Higgins today.