Shooting Training for Students of All Ages and Skill Levels

Shooting TrainingFor shooting training designed to help you improve your skills in a way that is natural for you, take lessons in the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) designed by John Higgins. John has been a shooting instructor respected in both the U.K. and the U.S. for more than 40 years. His love of teaching combined with his expertise in sporting clays, trap, and skeet shooting led him to create CSM as a way to teach shooters in a fun and encouraging learning environment.

CSM is a style of shooting training unlike any other and must be experienced to fully understand. However, once you’ve experienced it, you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy to learn, and you’ll benefit from:

  • A learning environment that focuses on results and having fun rather than being dry and clinical
  • Personalized shooting training that is user friendly and unrestricted by established traditions and conventions
  • An unconventional approach that welcomes an open mind
  • A highly adaptable learning method that will help you discover which techniques work best for you
  • Training that focuses on mental skills as well as physical ones to help you with self-improvement

You don’t have to worry about your existing skill level when taking CSM lessons. If you’ve never touched a shotgun before, you’ll find yourself shooting with the best of them before you know it. Or, if you’re already an experienced competition shooter, you’ll learn skills you won’t find anywhere else, helping you improve and maintain your competitive edge on into the future. You can even become an instructor of CSM yourself through the two shooting instructor training programs that John has developed for teaching adults and youth alike.

If you’re excited to find out more about Coordinated Shooting Method training, contact John Higgins today.