Highly Effective Shooting Training Available in Columbia, SC

Shooting Training Columbia SCIf you want shooting training that is proven to work, and you live in Columbia or elsewhere in South Carolina, then the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) is right for you. CSM was developed by John Higgins, a distinguished shotgun sports instructor with more than 40 years of experience teaching shooters throughout the U.K. and the U.S. The creation of CSM was sparked by a combination of John’s enthusiasm for teaching and his desire to find a method of instruction that was based more on an academic and systematic approach than one tied down by traditional norms.

CSM is a unique process of shooting training and must be experienced first-hand to fully understand, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to learn. In fact, students in Columbia, SC, and beyond find it to be a style of learning that is simply effective and effectively simple. When you take classes in CSM, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • An innovative, individualized style of learning that is not bound by established traditions, instead being highly adaptable and user friendly
  • Learning in an environment that focuses on having fun and achieving measurable results, not memorizing rote clinical techniques
  • Shooting training that is as much about honing mental skills as it is about improving physical skills to help you learn how to correct yourself as you shoot
  • An unconventional approach to shooting instruction that has a proven track record from extensive past results

CSM is perfect for both competitive shooting enthusiasts training to improve their scores and novice shooters who have never picked up a shotgun before. So, no matter your age or skill level, you can enjoy shotgun sports of all kinds with CSM.

For additional information on Coordinated Shooting Method training or to sign up for a class in the Columbia, SC, area, contact John Higgins today.