Coordinated Shooting Method Lessons Available for Kids of All Ages

Shooting Lessons for KidsTaking shooting lessons is a great way for kids to learn not only helpful skills for success in shotgun sports, but also many important values and life lessons that they can apply to their lives outside the shooting range. If you’re interested in shotgun classes that your kids will truly enjoy while learning to shoot, sign them up for lessons in the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM), the shooting classes that are simply effective and effectively simple. This groundbreaking method of learning to shoot was developed by John Higgins, a shotgun instructor whose decades of experience in the U.K. and the U.S. led him to break away from the dry, clinical traditional teaching methods in favor of a more organic and natural way to teach students.

CSM is unique in that it allows shotgun shooters of all skill levels to learn in an environment that encourages self-improvement, visible success, and, most importantly of all, having fun. It is perfect for children who want to learn, and it can teach them such helpful lessons as:

  • How to discover what shotgun techniques they are most comfortable with, rather than forcing them into one specific technique
  • The importance of strict safety measures and a high level of respect for firearms
  • How to hone their mental skills, including tactics and perception, to continually improve on their own
  • The beauty and excitement of the outdoors and how to be aware of and respect the natural environment around them
  • How to celebrate their own achievements and those of others in constructive and positive ways while having fun

CSM lessons are available in both individual and group settings to suit your children’s learning styles. Plus, if you are a leader for a Scout unit, school shooting team, or any other youth organization, CSM makes for a fun and exciting day event for the entire group.

If you’re interested in learning more about CSM shooting lessons for kids, contact John Higgins today.