Shotgun Shooting Lessons Proven to Lead to Noticeable Results Offered to Students in Detroit, MI

Shooting Lessons Detroit MITaking Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) lessons is a truly reliable way to learn new shotgun shooting skills or improve your existing competitive edge, and classes are available in Detroit, Michigan for local shooters. CSM was developed by John Higgins, an esteemed shooting sports instructor, after more than 40 years of teaching students in the U.K. and the U.S. This exciting method of learning skeet, trap, and sporting clays shooting is unlike any other, and it works equally well for novices who have never held a shotgun before and seasoned competitive shooters.

CSM is a unique style of teaching that John carefully crafted through comprehensive research and experimentation. When you take shooting lessons from John or one of the instructors he’s trained to teach CSM in Detroit, MI, you can enjoy learning from a program that:

  • Encourages you to enjoy learning in an inclusive and friendly environment
  • Breaks away from the norms of conventional shooting lessons to help you achieve the greatest results possible without being restricted to old, outdated traditions
  • Allows for quick learning with techniques that adapt to your personal needs and comfort levels
  • Teaches you not only physical skills, but also the mental skills necessary to continue improving your performance
  • Follows a natural, systematic, and academic approach to teaching
  • Focuses on fun, easily achieved, instant results, unlike dry and impersonal clinical methods

CSM works well not only for shooters of all skill levels but also for students of all ages, and shooting lessons are available for all age groups. And, due to the personal and adaptive nature of CSM, lessons can be taken either one-on-one with an instructor or in groups.

For more information or to schedule Coordinated Shooting Method lessons in Detroit, MI, contact John Higgins today.