Coordinated Shooting Method Instructor Certification and Ongoing Education Programs

Shooting Instructor CertificationIf you’re interested in becoming a shooting instructor with certification in the most innovative program in the world of shooting sports, apply to become a teacher of the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM). Designed by the internationally respected shooting sports instructor John Higgins, CSM involves a systematic approach to teaching shooters of all ages and experience levels. As a method that focuses on achieving measurable results through self-improvement, CSM is unlike any other sporting clays instruction and is unbound by the restrictions of traditional programs.

John has developed two shooting instructor certification courses for people interested in teaching CSM:

  • TRACS – Teaching Recreational & Competition Shooting
    • Trains instructors in student-centered leadership methods for teaching modern shotgun sports theory
    • Emphasizes effective teaching methods based on proven educational principles that are designed to work for shooters of any discipline, not just to teach a specific technique
  • CLAYS – Centered Learning and Youth Shooting
    • Emphasizes the developmental and formative concepts that are the basis for CSM, rather than training youth in traditional techniques that don’t work for every student
    • Teaches coaches to focus not just on physical safety, but also emotional safety, which is unique among shooting instructor programs

When you become certified to teach CSM, you can take pride in being an instructor of a groundbreaking method that has more research and thorough testing for proof of success than any other program. Shooting is a sport that is growing in popularity, and joining more than 200 other CSM instructors in the U.S. will allow you to help others enjoy this exciting pastime.

For more information on receiving a shooting instructor certification with CSM, contact John Higgins today.