Coordinated Shooting Method Courses Are Uniquely Simple and Effective

Shooting CoursesFor shooting courses that will help you gain new shotgun shooting skills and continue to improve existing ones, look to the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM), designed and taught by John Higgins. John taught shotgun sports in the U.K. and the U.S. for more than 40 years before developing CSM, which was the result of his desire to create a more natural way of learning to shoot than traditional methods. He spent years researching and studying the way students learn as individuals through hands-on experimentation until he was able to create this groundbreaking method of teaching.

Whether you are completely new to the sport or you’re already a seasoned competitive shooter, taking lessons from John or a CSM-certified instructor can help you in ways that other shooting courses won’t, especially because CSM:

  • Is designed to focus on visible results and achievable goals so that you can enjoy watching yourself improve right away
  • Adjusts easily to your own comfort levels and learning needs so that you can pick up new skills quickly and naturally
  • Will help you gain new mental skills for continual self-improvement as well as your physical shooting skills
  • Has a proven track record of successful past results with sound empirical data
  • Breaks free of traditional training methods so that you can focus on improving your skills without being bound to one technique

Shooting courses in CSM are available for groups of all sizes, so you can enjoy a large outing with friends or even a personal, one-on-one lesson to learn at your own pace. Also, if you find that you are interested in teaching shooting courses yourself, ask about the TRACS and CLAYS instructor certification programs. Through these programs, you’ll learn how to teach CSM to shooters of all ages and skill levels.

To find out more about taking shooting courses in CSM, contact John Higgins today.