CSM Shooting Classes Available for New York City, NY, Shotgun Sporting Enthusiasts of All Skill Levels

Shooting Classes New York City NYIf you’re looking for shooting classes in the New York City area of New York, the most simply effective and effectively simple lessons you’ll find are courses in the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM). CSM, which was created by internationally accomplished shotgun shooting instructor John Higgins, is unlike any other teaching method around. That’s because, unlike traditional shooting classes that focus on conforming to conventional techniques, CSM was designed from the ground up through careful research and experimentation to present shooters with a fun and natural way to learn new skills and improve existing ones.

If you live in or near New York City, NY, you can enjoy learning from John or a CSM-certified instructor near you. Through these unique shooting classes, you’ll learn the following valuable skill sets for shotgun sports for continual improvement:

  • Technical skills (the six fundamentals of shooting)
    • Timing
    • Coordination
    • Focus
    • Sight Picture
    • Alignment
    • Perception
  • Tactical skills (target-reading for developing a competitive edge)
    • Speed
    • Pairs
    • Line
    • Angles
    • Distance
    • Change-Up
  • Mental skills (staying focused, even under pressure)
    • Attention
    • Self-Correction
    • Process Focus
    • Imaging
    • Perception
    • Confidence

This exciting method is perfect for shooters of all skill levels, so whether you’ve never touched a shotgun before or you’re a seasoned competition shooter, you can enjoy the benefits of lessons in CSM. Shooting classes in CSM are available for shooters of all ages, as well, so if you have kids who are interested in learning to shoot, there are courses that will help them learn valuable lessons in an environment that is both physically and emotionally safe.

For more information about CSM or to sign up for shooting classes in New York City, NY, contact John Higgins today.