Taking a Shooting Class in CSM Is Fun and Easy for Shooters of All Ages in Detroit, MI, and Beyond

Shooting Class Detroit MIIf you’re interested in shotgun shooting, try a class in the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM), an innovative style of learning to shoot that has a proven track record of success and is being taught throughout the nation, including in Detroit and other areas of Michigan. CSM was created by John Higgins, who is an internationally acclaimed shooting instructor with decades of experience in teaching throughout the U.K. and the U.S. John is an enthusiastic instructor whose love of teaching and of shooting sports is reflected in the careful research and experimentation he put into the development of CSM.

CSM is unlike any other method of learning to shoot, and when you take your first CSM shooting class in Detroit, MI, you’ll be able to experience:

  • A friendly and inclusive learning atmosphere with an instructor who is focused on your development as a shooter
  • The excitement and pride of watching yourself achieve goals through measurable results right away
  • Unlocking your full potential as a shooter without being held down by the old traditions of other teaching styles
  • Learning to develop your mental skills for continual self-improvement in addition to physical shooting skills
  • A natural learning process that allows you to adapt techniques to your own comfort levels rather than forcing you to adopt specific techniques

Whether you’re a novice taking your first shooting class or a competition shooter looking to further improve your scores, CSM can help you gain valuable new skills or hone existing ones. Also, CSM shooting class sizes are highly flexible, so you can enjoy a personal, one-on-one session with an instructor or a large group session with other shooters learning alongside you.

If you’d like to learn more about taking a CSM shooting class in the Detroit, MI, area, contact John Higgins today.