CSM Certification Classes

The TRACS and CLAYS programs were created to offer certification and continuing education for all levels of sporting clays instructors. The programs were designed by John Higgins and Rhonda Young to provide a modern, effective, and targeted approach to learning and teaching sporting clays. It allows each instructor to develop his own style and approach to teaching. The program is open to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements and wishes to further develop their teaching skills. Our mission at CSM is to provide the highest quality shooting sports instruction available by using our comprehensive educational program that has been designed to help all levels of coaches and instructors improve their shooting and teaching skills. CSM is committed to excellence in all that we do and to advocating both recreational and competitive shooting sports at every level.


Honesty, integrity and professionalism is encouraged and expected at all times from our Examiners, Instructors, and Coaches. We desire a well-founded reputation based on our competence, integrity, and responsibility to the sport and all of its participants at every level. If you would like more information, or would like to become part of this exciting program, please feel free to contact John Higgins at 912-656-1589 or email jchiggins@reagan.com.


January15-17, 2016 | TRACS Class for Instructors | Hermitage Farm | Camden, SC