CLAYS Application

Course Overview

Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) was developed to offer students an alternative to the rigid methodologies that have always dominated shotgun shooting education. CSM is a formative method, based on a more recreational philosophy and teaching style. It has been designed to help each student discover, define, and develop their own shooting style by teaching them how to learn. The end result is that students learn how to develop their skills in a way that is most appropriate for them.

CSM focuses on the six fundamental elements of shooting.

These are: focus, sight picture, alignment, timing, coordination, and perception. Only by developing a strong understanding of the fundamentals, and then learning how to apply them, can a student put him/herself on a fast track to sporting clays success.

The CLAYS program is based on the principles of CSM and was designed to teach youth shooting coaches the basic skills needed to effectively use the CSM system. The CSM program takes a modern approach to shooting and instruction and will dramatically transform your teaching while improving your students’ skills.
The CLAYS program presents the fundamental concepts of CSM from the coach’s point of view and focuses how to use CSM to coach youth shooters.

The CLAYS program will put you on a fast track to coaching success.

Download the Youth Shooting Coaches Certification PDF