Fun and Effective Youth Trap Shooting Classes that Teach Young Shooters Valuable Skill Sets

Youth Trap Shooting ClassesIf you’re interested in youth trap shooting classes, either for your own children or for a Scout unit, school group, or other youth organization, look no further than the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM). CSM is a simply effective and effectively simple shotgun sports teaching method that was developed by experienced shooting instructor John Higgins after more than 40 years of teaching shooters throughout the U.K. and the U.S. This groundbreaking style of teaching is based on years of careful research into the most natural learning methods for physical and mental improvement in shotgun shooting, and it encourages a fun and comfortable atmosphere while celebrating measurable achievement.

Signing young shooters up for lessons in CSM is a great way to teach them a healthy respect for firearms and their safe use in a controlled setting. Plus, CSM is designed to organically teach the core skills of shooting sports and help shooters discover the techniques most comfortable for them, rather than forcing students to conform to a specific technique. Those core skills are:

  • Technical skills, including coordination, focus, alignment, perception, timing, and sight picture, which are known as the six fundamentals of shooting
  • Tactical skills, which include fast and careful analysis of distance, angles, change-up, pairs, speed, and line
  • Mental skills, including attention, imaging, confidence, self-correction, perception, and process focus, which allow shooters to control their thoughts and feelings in order to remain focused under pressure

Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a youth instructor of CSM, you can ask about the Centered Learning and Youth Shooting (CLAYS) program. CLAYS was specifically designed by John to teach coaches how to instruct young shooters in CSM, and it is unique in that it emphasizes both physical and emotional safety for all students.

To find out more about CSM youth trap shooting classes near you, contact John Higgins today.