Fun and Easy Trap Shooting Lessons Offered to Shotgun Students in Detroit, MI

Trap Shooting Lessons Detroit MIIf you’re interested in trap shooting, but traditional lessons offered in the Detroit, Michigan, area seem daunting or overly clinical, try taking classes in the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM). CSM, developed by highly experienced shotgun instructor John Higgins after in-depth research and experimentation, is an effectively simple and simply effective method of learning to shoot that breaks away from the restrictions of conventional teachings. With a focus on having fun while reaching and celebrating achievable results, CSM is unique and becoming increasingly popular throughout the world of shooting sports, and it has a proven track record with countless success stories from former and current students.

Unlike other trap shooting lessons available in Detroit, MI, that involve rigid approaches to teaching that focus only on learning specific techniques, CSM is a formative approach that allows for self-discovery in a more natural learning environment. With CSM, you’ll learn through techniques that adapt to your own comfort levels and individual needs so that you can feel confident in continuing to practice shooting. You’ll also learn mental skills that will help you self-correct and improve your own abilities over time by learning how to understand and apply the six fundamentals of shooting:

  • Focus
  • Sight picture
  • Alignment
  • Timing
  • Coordination
  • Perception

CSM is a great way to learn to shoot in a one-on-one setting or as a group, so whether you’re looking for a personal learning experience or a fun group outing, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy sporting clays, skeet, and trap shooting lessons in your area. CSM is great for shooters of all skill levels, from novices shooting for the first time to seasoned competition shooters. There are also many CSM instructors throughout the country who are trained in CLAYS, a coaching program for youth shooting, so your children can even join in the fun of learning to shoot safely and responsibly.

If you’d like more information about the CSM trap shooting lessons offered in Detroit, MI, contact John Higgins today.