Shooting Lessons Offered for Students of all Skill Levels in Columbia, SC

Shooting Lessons Columbia SCIf you’re interested in shotgun shooting lessons and live in the Columbia area of South Carolina, try classes from John Higgins, creator of the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM), or any of the other local CSM instructors. With CSM, you can go from being a novice who’s never picked up a shotgun before to consistently breaking targets in no time. Or, if you’re already a seasoned shooter, these shooting lessons are sure to help you improve your skills to maintain a competitive edge.

John Higgins created CSM after 40 years of teaching shooting lessons, using extensive research and experimentation to figure out how to improve on traditional teaching methods. Students of CSM in Columbia, SC, and beyond will be able to enjoy a learning experience that:

  • Goes against conventional methods to encourage people to enjoy improving their shooting skills without being restricted to specific techniques
  • Adapts easily to any student’s learning needs, taking their personal comfort levels and preferences into account to find a style that works for them
  • Focuses on instant, achievable results that can be seen clearly and celebrated, rather than monotonous clinical methods
  • Coaches the mind as well as the body, teaching students the art of self-correction and helping them work towards overall improvement
  • Is proven through extensive past results to work for shooters of all ages and skill levels

Shooting lessons in CSM are available both in one-on-one and group settings, so whether you want to hone your existing skills to achieve a new personal best or bring a group of friends for a fun outing, John or another CSM instructor will be happy to teach you.

To learn more about Coordinated Shooting Method lessons in the Columbia, SC, area, contact John Higgins today.