Innovative Lessons Developed by Shooting Instructor John Higgins Help Tampa, FL, Shooters Improve Shotgun Scores

Shooting Instructor Tampa FLWith shooting lessons from an instructor of the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM), you can enjoy noticeable improvement in your shooting skills, whether you’re looking for classes in Tampa, Florida, that will help you learn to shoot for the first time or increase your existing competitive edge. CSM, which was created by John Higgins through careful research and experimentation, is a shotgun instruction style unlike any other. It breaks the mold of traditional methods, focusing instead on adapting various techniques to each individual student and training both the mind and the body for improvement through self-correction.

John Higgins not only created CSM for students in Tampa, FL, and beyond, but also teaches it himself, and as a seasoned shooting instructor, he:

  • Is a knowledgeable enthusiast of all shooting sports and many other outdoor sports
  • Works closely with students to address their individual learning needs and explain concepts on their level
  • Taught shotgun shooters in the U.K. and the U.S. for more than 40 years before developing CSM
  • Is highly approachable and has fun working with students, regardless of age or skill level

As a passionate shooting instructor who cares about every student of CSM, John has also developed two instructor certification courses – TRACS and CLAYS – to allow other shooters who share his excitement for the sport to teach CSM to students throughout the country.

To learn more or to schedule one-on-one or group lessons with a Coordinated Shooting Method instructor in Tampa, FL, contact John Higgins today.