Coordinated Shooting Method Instruction Is Simply Effective and Effectively Simple

Shooting InstructionNot all shooting instruction involves the same dry, clinical approaches that focus on learning specific techniques before you ever get to shoot a target. If you’re ready for a new and fun way to learn to shoot skeet, trap, and sporting clays, enroll in lessons in the Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM). CSM was developed by John Higgins, a shooting instructor who applied more than 40 years’ worth of personal teaching experience, as well as extensive research and experimentation, to develop a shooting instruction method designed around the way people naturally learn as individuals.

Shotgun students of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned competition shooters, can easily benefit from shooting instruction in CSM, especially since it:

  • Has been proven to work well, with a track record of measurably positive results from former and current students
  • Helps students learn not just physical techniques, but also mental skills, allowing for overall performance improvements through self-correction
  • Encourages learning in a fun environment
  • Focuses on easily accomplished and instantly visible results that encourage students
  • Allows students to explore a variety of techniques and discover for themselves which are best suited to their individual learning styles

CSM is suitable for classes of any size, so whether you’re interested in a one-on-one session, a larger class, or even a group outing, you can enjoy a fun day of learning to shoot. Also, if you are a parent or youth organization leader with children interested in shotgun shooting instruction, CSM is perfect for young shooters. There are many instructors throughout the country who are specially trained through the TRACS program to teach youth how to safely shoot sporting clays while having fun and learning responsible gunmanship.

For more information about CSM shooting instruction, contact John Higgins today.