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Have you ever wondered what benefits, if any, that shooting sports actually provides to youth participants? We were recently given an article written by Dr. Bob Hughes (CSM Education Director, NRA instructor and Boy Scout shooting sports instructor for over 50 years) that outlines and explains 10 of the many benefits that shooting sports can provide. Here are some of the highlights from the article:

Opposition: Why is there so much opposition to shooting sports, especially where youth participants are concerned?


Safety: While this may seem a rather obvious starting point, you would be amazed at how many safety violations regularly occur on the sporting clays course on a regular basis.

Tradition: The United States has a rich tradition of hunting and shooting, and learning more about sportsmanship, ethics, and safety only adds to that tradition.

Protection: Our Second Amendment rights will be better and protected and preserved if we teach young people to use those rights judiciously and correctly. is a great way

The Great Outdoors: In order to to develop a true awareness of what the environment is, a child must become participants within it to gain a clear understanding of it.

Excitement: Shooting sports can offer fun and enjoyment to a new degree (in a safe way) for all who participate.

Solid Programs: A good shooting sports program provides participants with a sense of gratification and achievement of mastering a challenge.

Competition: Shooting is an individual sport and provides the opportunity to compete against your own personal best as well as against others.

Adaptive Sport: Shooting sports can be easily adapted for participants with disabilities.

Misconceptions: Participation can help dispel the confusion between a “gun” and a “weapon”.

Recreation: Everyone needs recreational activities that can be a lifelong pursuit.

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