Learn to Shoot with the Coordinated Shooting Method – Shooting Lessons Developed and Taught by the Preeminent Shooting Instructor John Higgins

Shooting LessonsShooting sports are increasingly popular among people of all ages, and effective shooting classes are important for novices looking to gain valuable skills, as well as experienced shooters seeking to improve their skills and learn something new. The Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) is a revolutionary approach to shotgun shooting developed by John Higgins, who has more than 40 years of experience as a professional shooting instructor in the United Kingdom and the United States. When people take shooting lessons from John, which are available in personal, individualized settings as well as group formats, they not only find that he is a wealth of information about shooting sports, but also that his teaching style offers a highly personal experience. John explains his method in simple terms combined with demonstration and engaging instruction, promoting an inclusive and user-friendly learning environment.

Traditional shooting lessons often involve teaching specific techniques that may not suit all shooters, but CSM allows you to learn in a self-adaptive way so that you can discover the shooting techniques that work best for you through self-correction. CSM is a systematic and academic approach to sporting clays instruction, as well as skeet and trap shooting instruction, that is totally unique among all other methods taught by independent shooting instructors and shotgun sports organizations. John’s method of shooting involves training not just your body, but also your mind, so you’ll learn the mental focus skills needed to easily improve your performance; CSM is simply effective and effectively simple.

Shooting Instructor Training Programs and Masterful Sporting Clays Course Design Are Among the Services Offered by John Higgins and CSM

Shooting Instructor TrainingWhile John is the founder of CSM and its primary instructor, he has developed shooting instructor certification programs in order to ensure that CSM can be taught all over the world. Through the Teaching Recreational & Competition Shooting (TRACS) and Centered Learning and Youth Shooting (CLAYS) programs, you can receive the training and certification necessary to become a knowledgeable instructor of CSM. As a CSM-certified shooting instructor, you will be able to share this effective method with shooters of all ages. Plus, you will join more than 200 other instructors in spreading this revolutionary program.

John Higgins is also a highly experienced designer for sporting clays courses and facilities, with more than 30 years’ worth of sporting clays course design experience with a variety of different clients. He has designed not only private courses but also public courses, such as the Fork Farm and Stables in Norwood, NC, rated as one of the South’s Best Sporting Clays Courses by Garden & Gun magazine. John is vastly experienced in working with architects, contractors, builders, and other professionals involved in the planning of a sporting clays course. He will thoroughly assess your site and determine not just how to set up a sporting clays course on your property, but also how to organize tree removal services, roads, facility and course access, and more to ensure you have a top-notch course that is custom-designed and confidential. And, because John is sensitive to the environmental issues that shooting sports present, such as debris from clays and shells, he will work with you to ensure that your property can be well-maintained with minimal ecological damage.

To learn more about individual or group CSM shooting lessons, the CSM shooting instructor certification programs, or having a sporting clays course design custom-crafted for your facility, contact John Higgins today.